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Our vision, values and objectives

Our Vision

So as to maintain a clear focus upon quality, the Trust has developed the following vision: “To be the service people rely on to understand them and organise their care around their lives”.

To fulfil this vision, the Trust commits to puts service users at the heart of its thinking, and thereafter, ensure that the right support which delivers the right level of quality, is available to the right people at the right time and in the right place.

The Trust has adopted Caring, Open, Responsible and Effective as its four CORE values, which are defined as:

  • Caring: feeling and exhibiting compassion and empathy for others;
  • Open: being honest, candid and frank, free from prejudice, limitations and boundaries;
  • Responsible: making, and being accountable for, rational decisions based on sound judgement;
  • Effective: having the intended or expected effect.

These values articulate the behaviours and attitudes that stakeholders can expect from everyone working within the Trust.

The Trust’s strategic objectives describe the principle outcomes that the organisation aspires to achieve in all activities in order to deliver its vision for quality. These strategic objectives are to:

  • Achieve the best possible outcomes for our service users through high quality care;
  • Understand the needs and views of service users, carers and families so that their opinions inform every aspect of our work;
  • Actively engage in partnerships with other health and social care providers in order to deliver seamless services;
  • Value colleagues and support them to develop the skills, confidence and ambition to deliver our vision;
  • Manage public resources wisely to ensure local services remain sustainable and accessible.
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