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Our board

Our Board is responsible for governing the organisation effectively and maintaining confidence in the Trust’s continued quality and sustainability amongst both our stakeholders and the broader public.

It manages and appraises the performance of the Trust and is responsible for ensuring that we deliver safe, effective, high quality health and social care services at all times.

It also controls the Trust finances and agrees any appropriate investments that will deliver optimal health and social care outcomes. It develops strategy and sets culture. It is responsible for ensuring that public money is spent in a way that is both efficient and effective.

Our Board is made up of six executive directors and six non-executive directors, which include the chair and vice-chair. Follow the links for Board Members to see their profiles.

Board members

The Chair and Non-Executive Directors come from a wide variety of professional backgrounds, including corporate finance, commercial and business management and consultancy. Executive Board members bring a wide range of skills in health and social care as well as significant business, financial and organisational change and development experience and knowledge.

The Register of Interests for our Board members is available here.

To view our Board member profiles, please click here.

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